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Threads is a strategic design firm that helps companies strengthen their brand and achieve business goals through design, communication, innovation & product design.

We're a factory. A factory that makes solid communication, branded creative content and 360° identities.

We now offer Iphone Design Services

Due to our recently gained expertise in designing and programming Iphone applications, we have now added this to our service offerings.

Threads is an official deliverer of Space Solutions (as in outer space)

We are officially registered with ESA (European Space Agency) as SME solution provider

Delegating logo materials to the world

We currently pursuing a small experiment for this iteration of our website. We have hired 1.234 people through the Mechanical Turk to paint / Sketch /draw a 300x400 image for us with the tagline “Threads”. No other information was given to the temporary employees and there is a time limit of 2 weeks to fill the order.

The result will be an interesting study in mass creation on a small budget and we are exited to see the outcome.

See our blog for updates on this project as it progresses
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