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Threads who we are

Start preaching

This is where we tell you why we are the best in the world, the most awesome dynamic duo ever imagined. Where we fill your ears with stories about how we understand you better than you do and why you should be glad just to be in a room with us.

Stop preaching

We'll try not to do too much of that, and instead let you in on a little secret: You are the one who knows everything there is to know, we are just here to disseminate that knowledge and offer you our output based upon our experience and research. The closer you will let us come to you and your company / organization the better the result will be.

A bit about giving back

We believe in giving things back, passing help on, so if you need help with a project but are strapped for cash, please contact us anyway and we'll try to find the time to help you with it. Our latest of such aid projects is a course / education / learning experiment with a group of young students in the Danish Minority in Germany, and we are more then glad to swing by for such lectures or workshops.

Threads is the creative team of Klaus L. Hougesen and Søren L. Hougesen. They work on a range of projects including art direction, design and illustration for arts & culture, music industry, fashion and advertising clients, webdesign and programmatic arts.
They also own byThreads: A multi-discipline production company with manufacturing of lifestyle goods in Vietnam.

Klaus L. Hougesen

"I originally wanted to be an Astronaut and despite obvious obstacles I worked hard at making that dream come true - right until I turned 15. After a spurt of growth I had ended up a 1.98 cm lanky boy and was suddenly too tall to become an astronaut".

But the 30 year old Dane Klaus Lynggaard Hougesen was not too tall to become a designer!. Although he is still at the beginning of his career he has already worked in four different countries with a multitude of large clients who have all considered his height a metaphor for his accomplishments.

Starting his career already during high school Klaus started programming and developing for the web before most people knew the Internet had been invented.

Klaus’s gift for composition and passion for programming, design and theoretical approaches have made him a notable designer.

Søren L. Hougesen

With a BA at Højer College for Visual Communication in 2005, Søren has since been Working on a diverse range of projects and commissions across various scales and budgets.

He creates engaging visual communication solutions for our clients and their various industries, His Former projects encompasses art direction, branding, stationery, publications, exhibitions, packaging, signage systems, concept development, strategic design and client positioning.

Søren is devoted to exploring, experimenting and developing solid long term solutions for the Client both within and outside the commercial field with the personal aim to keep growing and renewing his interested and spark in the creative field.