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Strategic Re-design of interface, architecture, interaction and service offerings, outsourcing

By Klaus L. Hougesen

Novalis is a great Danish based saas provider for the government and privately held cooperations, they have a massive product-line of online test systems and offline hooked in procedures to help employees and organizations identity and deal with various issues in their organization. They have a special focus on health / environment related issues and have worked hard on getting an updated version of their online offerings to market.

Novalis's focus is purely on helping companies building a better and safer work environment for everyone and as such it was a pleasure to help them reach those goals through a very focus 1/2 year process.

We were hired by Novalis to provide some strategic insight, feature examinations / culling, re-designing and re-inventing most of their test based interface structures, portal offerings and data visualization

Since then we have been handling most of Novalis's design needs and interface design / implementation

Novalis's skilled programmers where busy doing vital back-end feature integration so we decided to outsource front-end coding to xhtmlized, a process we handled and reviewed as necessary.

  • Novalis:  user frontend questionnaire login form
  • Novalis:  user frontend questionnaire selections and progress indicator
  • Novalis:  user frontend questionnaire modal dialogue and end reporting
  • Novalis:  administrator frontend survey data detailed
  • Novalis:  administrator frontend survey overview and creation
  • Novalis:  administrator frontend inline help system and organization overview