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Sterling Airlines
Identity, print materials, pos, websites and inflight material design

By Klaus L. Hougesen

To help alleviate failing sales and PAX earnings we helped implement a very different flight sales strategy with Sterling Airlines, we did this with the "love is in the air" strategies

Instead of focusing on sales during the flight and per passenger earnings we worked with Sterling and Independent contractors to develop a new way of flying.

The aim was to make the flight itself relevant again and not just a means of getting from destination a to b, we implemented things such as an easier check-in, on-board live entertainment (John Mayer played some acoustic sets inflight), pre-ordering of tax free goods (such as laptops), travel guides waiting for you at your seat, gifts for your seat-mate, and a host of interaction spurring activities such as: one coffee for 10, 2 for 9 (the idea being that you share this with others)

Sterling passengers were greeted with roses and entertainment while waiting for their check-in and the plane would feature surprise entertainment by hosting standup comedians, live music or other lively happenings.

To help passengers spend their waiting time we implemented a treasure hunt in the airport, where posts around the sales areas of airport would lead you to small presents and the chance to win a 1.500 EUR travel voucher.

As a important detail we, implemented a micro booking site where passengers could buy added value to their flight (such as drinks, meals, presents and travel-guides / entertainment, products) and as a twist; anyone who knew the passenger was on the flight could buy surprises for the passenger to be delivered to them after takeoff - this could be all and everything from flower to letters & presents

We even had a lottery onboard with the possibility to win 1.000.000 EUR.

All off these various implemented strategies raised earning pr. pax by 180% and increased passenger satisfaction enormously, people proposed on board of the flights, were in good spirits despite an unfortunate delay and would opt to fly like that again.

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