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Ocean Living
Identity and branding for swedish luxury yachting company

By Søren L. Hougesen

We created a complete overhaul & rebranding of this Swedish luxury yachting company.

To gain a better understanding of the premises the company built itself on we studied the ocean in its many forms, one striking thing about the ocean and a fact that many sailors and people who enjoy the ocean understand, is that it is an evolving, ever changing entity. One day it is calm and serene and the next it is a violent explosion of primeval forces. To captures these many sides we created a logo mark for Oceanliving that is forever changing as is the reflection of a form in water.

The mark itself can be created by running a small program that creates the necessary files for usage, and will never create the same mark twice. That way we could capture the raw changeability of the ocean as an integrated part of the identity.

  • Ocean Living:  expanded logotype
  • Ocean Living:  expanded logo mark
  • Ocean Living:  expanded logo mark inspiration
  • Ocean Living:  logotype in use
  • Ocean Living:  logo and mark in use on yacht
  • Ocean Living:  hangtags and sales useage
  • Ocean Living:  corporate report