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Crumpler Bags
360° Identity, photo work and strategic re-positioning

By Søren L. Hougesen

Laptop, photo and carrier bags brand Crumpler needed a future strategic marketing approach on its new booming customer base in western Europe. While creating a new headquarter in Saigon Vietnam Crumpler wanted a new fresh start as well as a updated identity.

All production of Crumpler bags happens in Saigon / Vietnam, and as a culture the Vietnamese have developed a plethora of carrying techniques that enable them to pack staggering amounts of material on very small areas, we took a lot of inspiration from this fact and grounded the findings with a slightly bent overall graphic identity.

We set out to strengthen their position and unique identity in the market, with a target customer re-positioning in mind we created a cleaner yet more sophisticated version of the old brand. By deconstructing the original identity, streamlining forms and images, using less colors, and introducing changeable grids we created a strict guideline, that embraced chaos but still maintained order.

The slogan: "Organized Chaos" sums up the identity and brings together the image Crumpler wants to convey.

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