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Design & implementation of a series of Nissan Micra designs

By Klaus L. Hougesen

Nissan contacted us in 2008 to develop a series of design for their Micra cars

We developed over 16 different designs and implemented 6 of them in cooperation with Nissan & Louder, some of the artworks where generative in nature and others purely illustrational.

It was a great project and resulted in a measurable increase in sales of the Nissan Micra in Denmark, some of the designs where sold the same day they appeared.

The project also had an online presence, where the public could actively design their own nissan micra, and if they wanted they could buy a new nissan with their own design on the lacquer

This activity combined with others helped Nissan gain market share in Denmark and made the Danish market into the most successful for Nissan Worldwide.

  • Nissan:  artwork 01 kinomo on car on display
  • Nissan:  artwork 01 kinomo details
  • Nissan:  artwork 01 kinomo license plate
  • Nissan:  artwork 01 kinomo details
  • Nissan:  artwork 02 koi on display
  • Nissan:  artwork 02 koi details
  • Nissan:  artwork 02 koi details