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African Development Bank
A series of covers for AFB's-statistical publications

By Søren L. Hougesen

This project was done with PhoenixDesignAid

The African Development Bank (a part of the world bank), publishes a yearly statistical overview of all their undertaking on the continent. This is their most important yearly communication and is the basis for many policy decisions that influence the regions economy.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group’s mission is to help reduce poverty, improve living conditions for Africans and mobilize resources for the continent’s economic and social development.

We developed a series of designs for them based on the actual numbers in the publication. The artwork was created using Processing and nodebox two programming environments ideally suited for screen based computations.

The first generation of artworks represent the ubiquitous savanna and the tree-like progression fractals are seeded with the actual numbers from the compendium, the latter more colourfull designs still allude to the african environment (the huge sun as it drops to the horizon) and only the colors and positioning has a relevance to the numbers themselves.

  • African Development Bank:  book covers
  • African Development Bank:  book covers
  • African Development Bank:  nodebox example workprint